The Hub as an Economic Driver / Vision

The Hub will become a globally renowned point of connection in the country and beyond, and a major engine for economic growth at a regional and national scale.


The economic powerhouse of Solihull’s UK Central masterplan and one of four identified development zones, the Hub is fundamental to the vision of creating a new contemporary district in the Midlands.

The Hub sits at the heart of the national motorway network with 75% of the UK population within a three hour drive time.

Leveraging the unique opportunity of location and assets within a central geography, the Hub is one of the most exciting and accessible development growth projects within the UK today.

The Hub will provide some of the best-connected development opportunities in the UK/Europe with potential for other sectorial interest such as education, health, life sciences and automotive.

It will also benefit from its landscape setting, and utilise and enhance the existing natural features as a resource to give the proposed high quality urban development a distinct quality of place, providing a host of environmental, social and economic benefits to the Hub and the wider area.

The additional multiplier effects of the Hub are expected to be substantial, with extensive further demand for goods and services through the supply chains and networks.

This will range from those supplying the expanded JLR plant to new tourists visiting the West Midlands through Birmingham Airport and HS2.

Its impacts will be much greater outside of the Hub, stimulating growth in key sectors including advanced manufacturing, destination leisure and tourism, and knowledge intensive business and professional services. It will create a world class, exemplar destination with high standards of design and environmental sustainability, combined with unique accessibility.